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January 11, 2020

Rodeo Kid, Salem Stampede Rodeo

We will be taking our next Rodeo Kid to the Salem Stampede Rodeo on January 11, 2020.  His name is Mason Haislip and he is one tough little boy!  

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12316230_10205275550193581_9196721353585207265_n (1)_edited.jpg
Cowgirl Tuff first check from charit
NFR 2015
Jackie & Lisa Bollin of Cowgirl Tuff
Lisa Lockhart hugging Jackie at Tuff
Grim Reaper
Team DO3 Parade 2012
Clinic For a Cause-Raised $1200
Parade 2013
Team DO3 Parade 2013
Spike 2013
Parade 2013
CO Flood Relief Tshirt
Clinic for a Cause Donation
OK Tornado Relief
Team DO3 Mascot Snowbally RIP
TEAM DO3 Best Equestrian Team Trophy
Team DO3 Painting by Sandra Whitcomb
Team DO3 first News interview
Venango County Fairgrounds
Jackie Harris Interview
CO Hay Drive crew
Britt and Kylie helping the hay driv
Debra Myers donating a trailer load
Hay drive team
Loading the trailer headed for CO
More hay to CO
Hay in CO
taking a break after loading hay
a long way to go to fill!
CO Wildfire Design
OK Drought Design
OK Drought- Raised over $400
Northstar Tshirt,Raised over $15,000
Northstar art by Sandra Whitcomb
Northstar in recovery with Jackie
Northstar with Melissa McCorkle
Jackie and Northstar
Zimmie shirt design-Raised $500
South Dakota Blizzard shirt design

Some of our Fund Raisers & Activities

Click photo to read more.

If you would like Jackie to come and speak to your youth groups, please email her at  As long as the event is within an hour driving distance and within her schedule she is happy to participate.  Please consider a small donation to Dreaming of Three for her time.


Carter the Rodeo King

January 9, 2016

Carter no doubt was the Rodeo King at the Salem Stampede Rodeo in Salem Virginia on January 9, 2016!  The producers and the entire community of the rodeo helped to make his night very special.  We had tons of news coverage as well, which you can view below!  





Roanoke Times:


Our Next Rodeo Kid

January 9, 2016

Our next Rodeo Kid will be Carter Craig.  We will be taking Carter and his family to the Salem Stampede Rodeo in Salem, VA.  More on Carter shortly, stay tuned!

Cowgirl Tuff/Tuff Fest NFR 2015

December 6, 2015

Dreaming of Three was presented with a $5, 315 check from the first two months of sales of the Triple LLL Jean at the NFR Tuff Fest on December 6, 2015.  No doubt the magnitude of these donations is unreal!  So many things we will be able to accomplish in the next several years for our Rodeo Kids Program with the support from Cowgirl Tuff and these charity jean checks!  

BuckingNightmare Benefit Barrel Race

October 31, 2015

Our Benefit Costume contest/pumpking carving contest/and barrel race was a huge success!   We raised over $7,000 for our Rodeo Kids Program and had a record breaking attendance to the Simmons Equestrian Center in Negley, Ohio!  The costumes were amazing with over 60 entries!  We ran approximately 800 head of horses in the barrel racing and poles! This will give us much needed comfort, going into 2016 Rodeo Kids!


Until Friday, 3/3/15 at 3!

We have been selected as one of the top THREE charities for the Cowgirl Tuff Charity Jean contest with Lisa Lockharts Triple LLL Jean!  Please vote for Dreaming of Three!  We are so honored and humbled by this!  It would mean so much to all of us to get this exposure!  

Next Rodeo Kid Evan Maher

June 20, 2015

Evan will be our 12th Rodeo Kid, to be taken to the Goshen Stampede on Father's Day weekend.  Our State Captain Deanna Mancuso will be escorting the family.  If you would like to help us make Evan's night special, please email us.  

Next Rodeo Kid Chloe Williams

February 21, 2015

Our first Rodeo Kid of 2015 will be Chloe Williams, a 9 year old little girl fighting brain cancer.  Our State Captains Jimbo and Erica Albritton will escort the family to the Silver Spurs Rodeo on February 21 for a fun filled evening of rodeo excitement!  

Raffle by Hoppel Farms

December 1, 2014

Hoppel Farms of Lisbon Ohio has graciously put together a raffle to benefit Dreaming of Three.  They will be raffling off one of their yearlings, choice of the filly or gelding* with this raffle.  Tickets are $10 each.  We can purchase them for you and email you your stub.  

Sad News - Rodeo Kid #10

Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to take the little 13 year old girl, Kari, our Rodeo Kid #10, to the rodeo at North Washington in August.  She lost her battle with a brain tumor over the weekend.  Although there is always that possiblity with our Rodeo Kids Program, we always hope & pray for the best when it comes to these children.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.

Rodeo Kid #9

June 20, 2014 - Idaho.

We have our next Rodeo Kid, McKenzie Thompson!  McKenzie is 9 years old and a fighter!  We will be taking Mckenzie and her family to the High School Rodeo Finals on June 13 in Pocatello, Idaho!  

New Inventory!

In store now!

We are constantly trying to come up with new and fun designs for our tshirt sales, which is one of the ways we keep things going here at Dreaming of Three!  We need funds to operate, so therefore, our tshirt sales is one way to do that!  Please check out our newest designs for the summer!  Purchase in the store or see us at a show in the future!  All proceeds help DO3 with our Rodeo Kids Program, Ultimate X Showdown, and Disaster Relief Efforts in the future!

Selected as the charity for Clinton Anderson

June 21 & 22

We are thrilled to have been selected as the charity to benefit from the ball toss at the Clinton Anderson WalkaBout Tour in Albany, New York on June 21 & 22!  This ball toss sponsored by Ritchie Industries will certainly help us raise funds for this year's Rodeo Kids Program, Disaster Relief efforts for horses, and also our Ultimate X Showdown!  If you are in the area, please send us a message if you would like tickets to this awesome Event!  

Two New Shirt Fund Raisers

Pre Order Until April 18, 2014

We have two new shirts in our store to help raise funds for two very great charities.

The first is to help Northstar Equine Foundation, Inc., as presently they have two horses in Florida with burns from a barn fire.

Second is our Wings & Ribbons breast cancer shirt, which we will donate proceeds to Lope for Hope in memory of a local cowgirl who lost her battle recently, Jackie Worthington.  Click below to read more and order your shirts today!

Rodeo Kid #8 - Daniel Green

April 26, 2014

We will be taking our next Rodeo Kid, Daniel Green to the Ft. Worth Stockyards Rodeo on April 26!


On October 24, 2013 they found out that Daniel, a 4 year old had a Wilms tumor. This type of cancer effects the kidneys and the doctors found a softball size mass on one of them. They completely removed that Kidney. Because the Kidney cracked open it was diagnosed a stage 3 tumor. Because of the severity of the tumor he had to have radiation and Chemo therapy. Danny has dealt with this better then most of us would. He has now completed his radiation therapy and still has a total of 6 months of Chemo.


If you would like to help TEAM DO3 make Danny's night at the Rodeo very special, showered with gifts, please contact  All Rodeo Kid sponsors will be listed at the bottom of this web page with a logo link.  

Episode 1 of X Project Released

February 1, 2014

We are so excited to finally be able to share with you the X Project and Pookie's Princess, our Poster Child for the Ultimate X Showdown!  This online video documentary will follow Pookie's transformation from off the track to barrel racing!  We'll need support to continue, so please consider becoming a sponsor, or simply making a small donation through our Kickstarter page:

Our First Rodeo Kid for 2014

February 22, 2014

Old Ford Survivor Series Rodeo

Bob Martin Ag Center

Join us as we create a magical evening for Hunter and his family!  We will be teaming up with Carolina Hoofbeats & Dignified Cowgirls on this one!  So expect a huge Community outpouring for this wonderful family!

The X Project

Starting Now!

In wanting to be more a part of the whole experience of owning an OTTB, Jackie Harris, Founder and President of Dreaming of Three has acquired her own OTTB, Pookie's Princess!  As a lead into the Ultimate X Showdown, Patrick King will be staring Pookie's foundation training over the next several months and be airing on a online TV Show via his Youtube Channel!  This TV Show will help show others interested in getting their next barrel racing OTTB prospect all the necessary tools to succeed!  It is FREE to watch!  But suppored solely by sponsors!

Official Press Release

October 5, 2013

New Name for our Thoroughbred Competition on September 5, 2014.

Rodeo Kid #6

December 28, 2013, Cordova, TN

Dreaming of Three has announced our Official Rodeo Kid #6, Ava Roten!.  We will be taking her to the December 28, AutoZone Liberty Bowl Professional Rodeo at Agricenter Show Place Arena in Cordova, Tennessee!  We hope that individuals and Companies will help us to make Ava's night at the Rodeo very special!  Please contact to become a Rodeo Kid sponsor!

The New Name for the Off The Track Thoroughbred Barrel Race

September 5, 2014

We have changed our name for our barrel race, from Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover (not to be confused with Disney's Extreme Home Makeover, so they say we have to do so), to "The Ultimate X Showdown"!  We are excited about the new name!  We are also excited that we will also have an Ultimate X Open OTTB 4D Barrel Race on September 6, 2014 at the Simmons Equestrian Center's $10,000 guaranteed show weekend!  Don't miss it and get your off the track thoroughbred's ready!

Hoodies are Back! Limited Time!

Presale Until November 14

Don't miss out on one of our most popular, comfy hoodies!  Show your pride and support for the only equestrian Team who's sole purpose is to "Give Back"  Order in our store now, and receive in time for the Holidays!  


South Dakota Blizzard Relief

September 5, 2012

We are happy to announce that we have just finished up taking orders for our South Dakota Relief fund raiser shirts! We had over 750 shirts ordered!  We will certainly let you know once all our figures are in how much we are able to send to the Ranchers Relief Fund!  Thank you to all who supported this effort!  We still have alot of work ahead of us with printing labels, folding shirts, packing envelopes and getting in the mail!  But it will certainly all be worth it when we send the check!

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Below are some of the magazines Dreaming of Three has been featured in along with a few TV spots.  We have countless Newspaper articles across the United States, covering our Retired Racehorse Makeover, Rodeo Kids, and many of our disaster relief efforts! Click on magazine to read or please email if interested in copies of articles. 

Dreaming of Three appeared on Central PA Live