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About DO3

My name is Jackie Harris, I am the founder & President of Dreaming of Three.  The reason I started this organization was to honor my step father and father.  My step-father passed away from cancer 10/2010 after a year long battle with a brain tumor. My father passed away three months later from a heart attack 1/2011. I had several more friends and family struck with these horrible diseases. I felt helpless. Therefore, one day, while waiting to enter the arena at a local barrel race, thinking about how and what I could do to help, my mare reached around and nudged my foot. I realized, with my recent success in the arena-that THIS is how I could help. TOGETHER, with my mare, I wanted to try to make a difference!

  To Save Lives, One Ride At A Time!  


In Loving Memory of Richard John Luffey (Father) & John M. Volna (Step Father)

Dreaming of Three Board of Directors

Sean Harris, Vice President

Cindy Eastley, Treasurer

Julie Hoppel, Judge & Jury

Melissa Gaso, Secretary

Kahlianne Jones, Technical

Contact Jackie:

Mailing Address:  

5700 Corporate Drive, Suite 455

Pittsburgh PA  15237

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