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Disaster Relief Efforts

As we grew into a Team, we realized that together we could make a greater impact in times of need in the U.S. Through such things as hay drives, or tshirt sales, we keep our eyes and ears open to make sure we stay on top of things if there is a need in the equine, or animal World when such things as tornadoes, blizzards, fires, or hurricanes hit.  

Colorado Wildfires

June, 2013

Hay Drive & Tshirt Sale

600 bales of hay

$1645 Raised

With the devestating fires out West during June, 2012, Team DO3 decided to spring into action and to make a difference.  We all came together the weekend of June 23 & 24th to collect hay to take to the equine victims of the Colorado wildfires.  We also created a t-shirt to sale to raise funds to donate to some of the ranches that were affected as well.  


With the help from RKCampf Transport  ( and Forever Safe Farm (, we were able to fill a semi full (over 600 bales of hay) and take to the Norris Penrose Event Center in Colorado Springs, which was housing about 185 horses at the time that had to be evacuated.  


We  also managed to raise $1645 from shirt sales that we sent to the Tip Top Ranch ( whose horses all were needing boarded due to the burning of their fields and fences.  Tip Top Ranch houses the horses for the Sky High Hope Camp.  (  Sky High Hope Camp is a  one week camp for children with cancer & their siblings.  


Together TEAM DO3 made a difference in a National crisis!  I'm proud of this Team and intend to have more Missions as the need arises in the Country!


August, 2012

Silent Auction $7,000 Raised

Tshirt Sale $$8,000 Raised

He's not a Triple Crown winner like Secretariat, nor a TV star like Mr. Ed.  In fact, he's just a regular horse from Pennsylvania.  But Northstar became a celebrity in his own right.  


Northstar, a six-year old American Paint Horse from Crawford County, PA, was deliberately doused in accelerant and set on fire the weekend of August 25, 2012.  With first, second, and third-degree burns to approximately 40 percent of his body, he was transported weeks later to the specialized, round-the-clock care of Ohio State's Galbreath Equine Center under Dr. Sam Hurcombe, assistant professor of Equine Emergency Critical Care.  


Through internet and social media, Team DO3 was able to raise over $15,000 through a silent auction and tshirt sales for Northstar's vet bills.  


He continues to heal and continues to undergo skin grafting procedures at OSU.  


From this aweful situation, myself and some of the other ladies who stepped up to initially help Northstar formed the Northstar Equine Foundation, Inc.  After Norsthar is healed and back to being a horse, we will help other such horses (or other animals) and their owners in need when similar crimes are committed to help them cover their vet care.  You can keep up with Northstar at

Oklahoma Drought

Summer 2012

$500 Raised

During the summer months of 2012, Oklahoma and surrounding areas were experiencing a aweful drought.  Team DO3 decided to try and help a local animal rescue who was working round the clock to rescue some of these animals who were misplaced.  The rescue was Oklahoma Rescue Rangers.  


You can follow their ongoing effort on their facebook page at!/okrescuerangers

Bright Future Farm

Early 2013

$323 Raised

Dreaming of Three was contacted by a girl who was very concerned for her favorite rescue, Bright Future Farms, that rescued many horses.  They were about to lose their lease, and were frantically trying to place their horses.  To try to help, DO3 decided to hold a fund raiser in form of "barn bum" crop sweat pants.  Although, the funds raised were not enormouse, the friendship build with the owner of Bright Future Farm, Bev, was essential to also helping to build upon the OTTB Event, the Ultimate X Showdown, as Bright Future Farm is also an OTTB rescue as well.


January 2013

$500 raised to help vet bills acquired

This "relief effort" was for one of our animal rescues, Forever Safe Farm.  Zimbabwe, better known as Zimmy. This special little zebra found his way to Forever Safe Farm by way of a zebra breeding program that would have preferred a female baby. Male zebras tend to dominate their harem of lady zebras with little tolerance of other males…including their male offspring. It would have been a matter of time before Zimmy would be hurt due to the efforts of his father to cast him out of the herd. FSF lost their beloved Zimmie on January 29, 2013 due to health issues. 


Dreaming of Three held a silent auction and also a tshirt sale to help raise funds to cover the vet costs for Zimmie.  Zimmie-a little zebra who will Forever be in our hearts.  

Oklahoma Tornado Relief

May, 2013

Amount Raised: $6,945 

Tshirt Sale & Benefit Barrel Race/Silent Auction

1/2 to Orr Family Farm

1/2 to Horse Feathers Equine Rescue



In early Spring of 2013, the Oklahoma area was hit with a devestating tornado. The deadly tornado wreaked havoc on the humans of Moore, Okla., but it battered many animals, too.The Orr Family Farm and Celestial Acres Training Center lies inside the 17-mile disaster-zone that the 1.3 mile-wide twister traced onto the land. The training center’s large indoor arena and four barns were completely razed to the ground, leaving dozens of horses exposed to the elements.  The number of horses lost was over 100 and other animals as well.  We held a Tshirt sale and also our Team DO3 Texas State Captain, Carlie Hayes put together a benefit barrel race together with Cowgirl Tuff to all together raise almost $7,000 to split between Orr Family Farm to help rebuild to help the horse owners have a place for their horses once more, and also to Horse Feathers Equine Rescue who was helping the private horse owners.  


President and Founder of Dreaming of Three, Jackie Harris, received a personal phone call from Dr. Orr himself, thanking her for the donation to help rebuild their farm that was a farm that also help to educate children about farm life. Jackie has also developed a friendship Cherie at Horse Feathers Equine Rescue!

Colorado Flood

September, 2013


To Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

In September of 2013, Colorado was hit with some devestating floods, affecting alot of the equine industry.  The Colorado Horsecare Foodbank was helping a lot of these horse owners with hay, to resupply all that they have lost.


A note from CO Horsecare Foodbank:  

Dear Jackie:


We are so incredibly grateful for your two donations. What a wonderful, wonderful thing you have done for horse-owners in Colorado that have had their property destroyed or damaged by the flood. Following is what we recently heard from a family we helped:



Just wanted to say thanks again for the hay and delivery. We would have been sunk without you guys!  Our hay was wet, saturated with water with E. Coli in it, and beginning to mold due to the flood.  We really appreciate the beautiful hay you brought to replace it. 








Jackie, we could not have done this without your help. Thank you so much for your $700 donation!


Warm regards,


Colorado Horsecare Foodbank


By Ellen Storeim

South Dakota Blizzard Relief

October, 2013

Tshirt Sale

Amount Raised: $6,000

Ranchers Relief Fund

In the beginning of October, 2013, a devestating storm hit South Dakota.


The storm slammed into the region after days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, catching producers and cattle unprepared. 

The storm was especially deadly for cattle partly because the animals had not yet grown their winter coats and were grazing in summer pastures rather than more protected winter pastures. In addition, the ground hadn't frozen, so cattle that sought protection in low-lying areas became stuck in mud. Rain soaked the cattle; then winds up to 70 miles (113 kilometers) per hour and heavy snow froze them.

Not just cattle were lost but horses, sheep, and other livestock as well.  

One of the Dreaming of Three's very first sponsors, Star of the West Hat Company is from South Dakota, and sponsored Jackie when this was all just something she wanted to do on her own, not a foundation or an organization, so there was no doubt in her mind she was going to help out!

There was a relief fund set up, and that is where all the money was donated.


January, 2014

Amount Raised: $5,005

To:  Dust Devil Ranch Horse Sanctuary, Utah

A young horse was found in the early days of January, 2014 frozen to the ground in a patch of mud in Enoch, her mother also starving and abandoned nearby.

The horse, now known as Elsa, was nearly dead when she was discovered  by passers-by who noticed her mother in distress.  Elsa went to Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses near Cedar City. Elsa, about a year and a half old, was lying in frozen ground.  

When she arrived at the ranch, vets gave her a 20 percent chance of survival, she and her mother, now named Anna, both had thinned to a body mass officially rated as starvation.  Elsa was hypothermic.

Elsa, unfortunately, lost her battle on January 18, after so many folks worked so very hard to bring her back to health.  She no doubt brought people from around the globe together praying for her surivival and made people more aware of speaking up for those that have no voice.  

Although DO3 worried our shirts we sold so far would be cancelled, they seemed to pick up speed after her death.  The message seemed to have so much more meaning:  "Never Lose Hope" and we changed the "Stay Strong Elsa" to "Stay Strong for Elsa" to always remember to speak up for those without a voice when you see animal abuse.  We sold approximately 400 shirts!  Even as far away as Australia, UK and Canada!  Although she passed away, Elsa's legacy lives on, and she has helped so many other horses that will come after her at Dust Devil Ranch with the funds we raised through our shirt sales.

Viper & Wizard

April, 2014

Amount Raised Tshirt: $400

Donated to:  Northstar Equine Foundation

In April of 2014, Viper & Wizard were caught in a barn fire.  Viper remained with the baby Wizard instead of running and saving himself.  They both survived, and therefore, our "Stand by Me" shirt was created.  Showing the bond between these two wonderful horses and how Team DO3 operates.

Conroe 200

June, 2015

Amount Raised:  $300

Donated to:  Houston SPCA Cinderella Fund


200 Horses were rescued from filthy conditions of a horse ranch in Texas. Many malnourished, emanciated, injured and sick.  The Houston SPCA took custody and the funds raised will help care for these animals until they can be placed in appropriate homes.


Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas Wildfire Relief

Early in 2017, wildfires spread through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  

CNN – Wildfires across the country had consumed more than 1 million acres by Tuesday night, taking at least 7 lives.

The Oklahoma Forestry Service told CNN the fires burned 400,000 acres, and prompted Gov. Mary Fallin to declare a state of emergency for 22 counties.

Officials in four other states said that 400,000 acres were destroyed in Kansas, 325,000 in the Texas Panhandle and 30,000 in Colorado — not to mention the 6,000 acres burning in the Florida swamps near Naples that resulted in mandatory evacuations.

Three ranchers trying to save their cattle died in a

wildfire in Gray County, Texas, according to Sandi Martin, coordinator with Gray County Emergency Management.

The three were among five people killed by wildfires in the Texas Panhandle as fires continue to scorch swaths of the Southwest and Great Plains. The Gray County blaze scorched 100,000 acres, but has since been contained, Martin said. State fire marshals are working to determine the cause. The three victims were identified as 20-year-old Cody Crockett, 22-year-old Sydney Wallace and Sloan Everett, according to Richard Peet, a county judge and the Gray County director of emergency management. Wallace died from smoke inhalation, while Everett and Crockett were badly burned, he told CNN.

Dreaming of Three fund raised with a Tshirt design by Carlie Hayes and Ayla Zimmerman to raise over $500 to donate to the Working Ranch Cowboy Association who were helping the ranchers in relief efforts.  

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August, 2017.  Funds were raised to help send supplies with a local friend who was heading down and also to an animal rescue helping in the area, Austin Pets Alive and Habitat for Horses.  We sent $600 to each of the rescues and also sent another $500 in supplies down to the affected area. 

Mug sold to raise funds was designed by Ayla Zimmerman.

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