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The Rodeo Kids Program came about when Founder, Jackie Harris, first started her journey with Dreaming of Three.  When her Step Father first was diagnosed with Cancer, given 12-18 months to live, Christmas was right around the corner.  She wanted to give him a night out without worry as his Christmas gift, to forget all the treatments, Dr. visits, and everything that was going on that revolved around the illness and to just give her mother and step father an evening out, full of smiles and laughter and making memories.    So she decided to get her mother and Step Father tickets to a Broadway show and dinner at Ruth Chris!  That night, the smiles on their faces, they seemed to forget all and her mother still talks about that evening today.


She was watching the National Finals Rodeo, and there were alot of St. Jude Children's Hospital commercials.  She had already decided what she'd do in 2012, to donate her winnings.  But the idea of giving "experiences", "memories", to these kids, touched her heart. Why not find some families perhaps going through the same tough times, but the unthinkable, with a child.  She wanted to be able to reach out on a more personal level, to take families to a rodeo, to show them the sport she loved so much.  She would get the producers of the rodoe involved, the contestants, Rodeo Queens, Companies,Team DO3 members, followers, the entire Community who wanted to reach out to say "We care" to the families, and to show the family and child the best time ever!  A night without worry!  A night showered with gifts!  A night to be a King or Queen of the Rodeo!  A Super Star!   A night where our followers, friends and family can put a face to why they ride every weekend, or through the week donating to the charities, to bring a personal touch of their own for these kids. We all have a little Superman, ready to take flight!  It's an opportunity to come together, to make a very special night for a very special child and their family.  


Companies and individuals can send in a gift or another special outting for the family, signed cards or messages of encouragement.


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Salem Stampede Rodeo 
January 11, 2020


About Mason

If you would like to help TEAM DO3 make Mason's event very

special, showered with gifts, please contact

Mason Haislip

Ava Roten, Rodeo Kid #6 !

Hunter  Presgrave, Rodeo Kid #7 .

Danny's night at the Rodeo - Video courtesy of Danny's mom.  

Masons life :
Mason was born June 8, 2017, with a congenital heart defect known as congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries and a leaky valve. Around a month old he began showing signs that his valve was causing issues and needed surgery. We were sent to Boston Children'sHospital for a valve repair and PA banding surgery at 3 months old. The PA band was to prepare Masons heart for a surgery known as the double switch. During surgery Mason almost didn’t survive, he was much sicker than anyone knew. His recovery was difficult and lasted us 30 days in Boston Children's Hospital. Once we returned home we were told that Mason was in heart failure. We treated him with medications in hopes his heart function would return. Unfortunately, Masons heart was too sick from his initial valve leak mixed with his transposition and was no longer a candidate for the double switch and there were no more surgical options left aside from transplant. On May 15, 2018 Mason was officially listed for transplant. During the summer of 2018 Mason began showing signs of worsening heart failure and required g tube surgery to help him grow. During this surgery it was discovered he was in intermittent heart block. Just a week and a half after discharge from his g tube surgery we were admitted back to the hospital indefinitely until a heart came. His g tube site would not properly heal which led us to discover his body was too weak to heal because his heart was using all it had to just keep him alive. Mason battled trouble with his g tube and it had to be pulled. Eventually he quit eating completely and lived on lipids and TPN for nutrition. He also caught an extremely rare infection while waiting. After only 34 days of waiting inpatient, Mason received his hero heart. Since transplant Mason has become the normal wild toddler that we always longed to have. His hero heart saved his life and has allowed him to flourish.

Katie Montgomery


If you have a child you think would love to go to a rodeo with some of our Team members, please contact Jackie, at We typically work with Children's Hospital, Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House and other organizations that work directly with the families.

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