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Team DO3

  • Determine your charity from those we donate. American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, St. Jude's Children's Hospital,  Equine Cancer Society, or one of our many animal rescues throughout the United States.  Email us for one nearest you. 

  • Determine how you will donate:  A percentage of your winnings~pledge per placing in the arena~ pledge per hour in the saddle~Company owners can pledge a percentage per sale of a certain item and stallion owners can pledge per breeding, or other way you will donate that inspires you. 

  • Send a photo along with a bio to to be used on our website and Facebook, along with you membership form completed. (minors will need a consent form also filled out)

  • Mail your charity check, written to your charity to DO3 by November 15 of every year, to be entered into Year End Reward Drawing of a custom tack set.  We send all charity checks to each charity underneath Team DO3 letterhead.


Receive a Team jersey with sign up. 




How to Join

Click Membership form to Join!

Over 150 Members in 28 States and growing!


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